Artist in Residency Programs

Residency – Green Mango Theatre is able to deliver a program from Pre-school to Grade seven, using cross-curricular planning to integrate drama into unit plans.


School Theatre Productions – Working with students to create engaging, and exciting theatre. Designed to cater for the needs of the teacher and work within the guidelines of the curriculum, whilst delivering a quality performance outcome and positive learning experience for the students involved. An initial discussion and working outline will indicate the number of workshops/rehearsals needed for each production.


An Introduction to Philosophy Course for Primary Students

This course is designed to introduce primary aged students (8-12) to philosophy. It offers a glimpse at all the major fields of philosophy including Ethics, Metaphysics and Aesthetics. Sound a bit dry? Well this course is designed to get little minds engaged and thinking critically. Using children’s literature and group based activities and discussion the students will build skills, including how to question, share ideas, value others opinions, deal with conflict as well as how to reason and apply their knowledge more effectively.

Philosophy is a wonderful way to develop a community of enquiry model, which allows children to develop a number of general capabilities required in the Australian Curriculum such as:

  • Thinking skills
  • Creativity
  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Team work and social competence
  • Self-management
  • Civics and citizenship


Contact us if you would like us to run a course in your school or OHSC. 




Community Cultural Development Workshops

A range of workshops which can be used to address various situations such as;

  • Community Renewal
  • Corporate Sector Training
  • Adult Life Skills Workshops
  • Welfare Organisations
  • Community Groups
  • Criminal System
  • Youth and Children at Risk

These workshops use theatre techniques to promote and explore life skills and work through relevant issues concerning the participants.



Educational Workshops

These workshops not only use cross curricular planning, integrating unit themes into the drama, but also give students an opportunity to explore topics in a wider context. This allows students to demonstrate knowledge, develop communication skills, problem solve and work constructively as a team. Each workshop has broader KLA links and can be used as a springboard into further classroom work.

The following list is an example of some of the workshops we run. green mango theatre is also able to customise workshops integrating your current unit planning into the drama component.

1. Professional Development in the Primary School

    This session gives primary teachers an insight into how process drama works, hands on experience of working within process drama and ideas on incorporating drama into existing curriculum including outcomes and assessment.- Primary Teachers- 2 hours

2. The Lost Stories …

    “Will we be able to entice the rainbow serpent to dance at our festival?” Using Australian animal mythology students explore what it means to be a community. The students will create their own village of mythical animals, develop stories and interact in role. Together they will build the giant rainbow serpent, leader of their tribe. This process drama workshop will explore Indigenous Culture, Australian Animals, Community and Story. The students will create and participate in dramatic play, identify and describe ideas and feelings, and recognise and share stories about animals, people and their world.- Lower primary Pre-school to Grade 3- 1 hour.

3. Performance Poetry

    An active hands on romp, this session explores devises used when performing poetry. It also looks at meaning and implied meaning, styles of poetry and voice projection. A perfect session to end a poetry unit as students can use their own poems in the workshop. Can be linked to a second session of Poetry Slam!- Middle Years 4 to 9- 1 hour.

4. Hydra, Water Conservation

    A process drama where students are visited by Hydra, a water keeper from the future. During this session students will be challenged to solve not only a water crisis, but also a moral dilemma. A good introduction or final session to a unit on water conservation.- Primary Grades 4 to 7- 1 hour.

5. “It will be over by Christmas” – ANZAC

    How does time and relationship affect the way we view ANZAC Day? A unit exploring the ANZAC legend from different perspectives. The unit focuses on the human element of WW1, placing the students at varying distances from the context, it looks at the events through various personal perspectives and allows the students to explore the war from many different angles.- Middle Years 4 to 9- Complete unit 6 x 1 hour lessons.- Can be delivered in a 4 x 1 hour package.

6. Snack Attack

    Should we always believe what we see in advertising? This process drama places the students in the role of marketing designers with a moral dilemma to unravel. A fun session, looking into how the media markets snack food and how we as consumers purchase. Also looks at healthy eating choices.- Middle Years 4 to 9- 1 hour.

7. The Green Children

    The folk tale of the mysterious green children is the pretext for this drama workshop. The students in role as villagers will explore ideas of difference and acceptance.- Middle Years 4 to 9- 2 x 1 hour sessions.

8. Roaring Rockets

    Let’s go on an adventure into space. In this workshop students will travel to the moon, find out about gravity and come back with an exciting story to tell. Students will also explore improvisation and mime.- Preschool to Grade 2- 1 hour.

9. Pirate School

    A rollicking good time for all pirate crew on this adventure on the high seas. What is treasure? With maps at hand the pirates sail off in search of it. This session explores many drama techniques and is a good springboard to further classroom work.-Primary Grades 3 to 5- 1 hour.

10. Poetry For Preschoolers

    Choose from 4 different sessions- Animals- Stories and Songs- Fun and games- Dragons Witches and Pirates. The workshops focus on the physical expression of poetry, leading the children in movement and mask work as well as facilitating an exploration of the world of puppets-Preschool to Grade 2- 45mins- minimum of 2 bookings apply.

11. The Sun Wizard

    A Process Drama which explores Day and Night. Students are enrolled as villagers when something terrible happens … The Sun won’t go down. What will they do if the night never returns?- Primary Grades 1 to 3- 3 x 1 hour sessions.

12. Theatre Sports

    • This can consist of a one off session or be programmed over a number of terms. Fun and exciting these sessions use drama games, physical theatre and improvisation to get students up and moving. Not only stimulating body but also mind.- Grades 3 and up.- Flexible duration between 30mins to 2 hours.