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An Introduction to Philosophy Course for Primary Students

This course is designed to introduce primary aged students (8-12) to philosophy. It offers a glimpse at all the major fields of philosophy including Ethics, Metaphysics and Aesthetics. Sound a bit dry? Well this course is designed to get little minds engaged and thinking critically. Using children’s literature and group based activities and discussion the students will build skills, including how to question, share ideas, value others opinions, deal with conflict as well as how to reason and apply their knowledge more effectively.

Philosophy is a wonderful way to develop a community of enquiry model, which allows children to develop a number of general capabilities required in the Australian Curriculum such as:

  • Thinking skills
  • Creativity
  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Team work and social competence
  • Self-management
  • Civics and citizenship


Contact us if you would like us to run a course in your school or OHSC. 

Kind words we have received:

  • The majority of the students have grown. I have noticed that they are quick to speak, act or participate. Great achievement!
  • The kids really like you- we can tell!
  • “I want to say thank you for all your efforts in producing such a great performance the other night at “Much Ado About Nothing”. The kids were obviously enjoying themselves and put all their energies into being the best they could be. We loved the humor and the wonderful costumes and set. I am amazed at how well they memorized their lines, in Shakespeare no less. My daughter was so excited (and nervous) and felt very good after the show. It is great for her to improve her speaking abilities and perform as a part of a team. Thank you for running such a lovely Drama School and we look forward to another wonderful term!”   -Parent
  • “Congratulations to Belinda Berrington for a brilliant production and to your very talented drama students who starred in two performances at the Samsonvale hall. Belinda has taken the children’s interests and enthusiasm and moulded it into humorous and enjoyable presentations. She has recognized , developed and catered for the children’s individuality by providing an opportunity for everyone to participate in a creative way. Well done and thank you from Mt Samson State School staff.”
  • “The Mt Samson OSHC kids really enjoyed the green mango theatre performance. We love having these mini excursions. Thanks to Belinda Berrington who runs an amazing show of many talents.”
  • Belinda Berrington from Green Mango Theatre conducted 21 Performance Poetry workshops for Preschool to Year 2 students across the GLC. “Belinda told us heaps of interesting poems. She used props from her big brown case and we got to dress up and act out the poems. We got to be pobbles (no-one is sure exactly what they are), friendly pirates, witches, insects hatching from cocoons and hungry crocodiles. We had so much fun!”
  • “The workshop was one of the best kids organised activities I’d been to. Lots of activities and cheerful presentation”
  • “Exciting, interesting content, great enthusiasm, excellent participation opportunities, excellent presenter”
  • “You were those clowns on the beach!, are you actors or clowns? That was so cool! You were so funny. You kept asking us if we were going to get dressed soon because we had our underwear (bikini’s) on!” – Teenage audience members after a performance

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