About Us

Green Mango Theatre is run by Belinda Berrington BA Applied Theatre/ Masters of Education (Drama). Belinda has an extensive background in theatre working as director, actor, writer, workshop facilitator and artistic director.

Belinda’s work encompasses street, fringe and corporate theatre, community projects, Theatre in Education , VET ¬†programs and primary / middle years/senior years school drama facilitating.

Belinda has performed in, directed, provided dramaturgical resources, stage-managed and produced numerous theatre and film productions. To see some of the projects green mango theatre has worked on please visit our Archive page.


What makes green mango theatre different from other theatre companies?



Green Mango Theatre is an applied theatre company. What is that? Fundamentally applied theatre is about working within the community using theatre as an agent for change. Applying theatre to a specific situation for a specific outcome.


These outcomes often includes artistic, educational and psychological benefits.This sets up a diverse range of possibilities for application, which include:

  • Theatre in Education
  • School workshops
  • Community Renewal
  • Corporate Sector Training
  • Adult Life Skills Workshops
  • Welfare Organizations
  • Community groups
  • The Criminal System
  • Youth at Risk
  • Children at Risk

What applied theatre isn’t– it is not drama therapy, it doesn’t work on a one to one level. It is placed firmly at a community level, working with groups, whose individuals may gain benefit from the experience or may find it opening up avenues of discovery.